exitof99 (exitof99) wrote,

My Ant Just Flew In

When I was a small boy, I grew up along a block length of Mohawk Street in Oswego. There are plenty of memories lodged in my mind and might be a little insight as to how I became the fool I am today. I do recall a few naked stories...

One such story was the day I left the house because I wanted to ride a tricycle up the sidewalk. Halfway to the end of the block, in front old Old Ray's place, I realized I was naked. Stopping abruptly, I pedalled fast back to home a few houses away.

Another naked story would be the night the onion plant caught fire on the opposite side of the block. I saw the flames filling the sky as the onion oil insured there was no putting it out. They had no choice but to let it burn away. It was probably summer, as I was not sleeping in clothes, so when I decided to see this fire first hand I left as I was. I figured everyone would be too busy watching the fire to notice a naked boy wandering through the night.

I was alomst right, until I passed the Guzman house where both the father and grandfather Guzman were sitting. They called out 'Hey boy, you know you're naked?' I told them what I thought about the fire watchers being to fixated on the fire to notice me. Sure enoguh, I made it around to the opposite side of the block and noone noticed. I stood there for a few minutes and watched it burn, then returned home.

Where were my parents during this? No idea.

Anyway, I'm sleepy, but was thinking back in time about lying on the sidewalk in front of Ray's house watching ants. It was then when I noticed my first flying ants. I swear there was a smell about them which I would later recall everytime I got out the leather ice skates - they smelled like fyling ants!

Many years later, I remembered out of the blue that there were such things as flying ants and began bugging my friends about them. I don't think anyone doubted their existence, but here is my proof that I'm not crazy! I do realize that in the Google Age it's not hard to pull some creditable evidence of such things, but I enjoy trying to use my own information I gathered through my life sometimes.

I've also got a few shots here from the older post about the Florida trip.

As I exit Universal Studios late night area for adults (basically themed bars that didn't do anything for me)

The last shot I took after a week in Wilmington before just as I left Darren's place, mind you Upstate NY still had snow and 3 months of cold to go.

Leaving Wilmington

I love the 70 MPH zones, although probably every day some fool goes 120 MPH down these roads and kills themselves
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